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Mackay Baptist Youth (MBY)

MBY is a youth ministry for high schoolers (Grade 7-12). Meeting each Friday night of the school term, MBY provides a place for youth to learn about faith in a fun and safe environment.

Our vision at MBY is to provide a space where youth:

  • LEARN ... Biblical truths about God – who He is, what He’s done and what He’s still doing
  • EXPLORE ... faith, life application, big questions, even doubts in a safe environment
  • EXPERIENCE ... the love of God
  • CONNECT ... with other youth and leaders
  • ENJOY ... the time they spend at youth

Throughout the term, we have a mixture of study and activity nights, creating a real sense of variety – something for everyone! Most of these nights take place at Mackay Baptist Church. When we do go off-site, we aim to keep costs low and transport easy.

The best way to get a feel for MBY is to get in contact with us or to come check it out for yourself! We value every young person who joins us at MBY and we would love to see you there too.

Credit: Damian Walls
Youth Group Camp
Credit: Damian Walls
Youth Group Worship Night

More Information:

For more information about youth group, please contact the church office or look for us on Facebook.