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Becoming a Believer:

A Christian is someone who has received Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and dedicates their lives to turning away from sin and following Him. It is neither a set of rules and regulations, nor a loose set of optional principles from which you can pick and choose your own self-defined spirituality. Instead, it is simply a relationship with God through the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The Problem:

Before you can begin this relationship, there is one critical matter that must be addressed. A long time ago, a man and a woman made a choice to disobey God because they hoped to be "like God" (Genesis 3). Their rebellion, which is called, "sin" entered the world, bringing ultimate death to everything, including ourselves. To this day, we are all dominated by the curse of sin which ultimately leads to eternal separation from God.

Since God is perfectly holy and just, He cannot accept you if you are tainted by the effect of sin. The sin that God detests is not limited to things that we might rightly consider abhorrent like murder or rape, but also a lustful heart, bitterness towards others and pride. According to Matthew 5, privately lusting after another is just as wicked as committing adultery, and wishing evil towards another is just as abhorrent as committing murder. Finally, according to James 2:10, anyone who fails in one commandment is guilty of the whole law.

It is tragic predicament that demands a solution. Our attempts to earn or bargain for our sin to be removed are fruitless. If we are truly depraved, how can we make ourselves clean of our volition? If God's Word is true where we are told that He loves us (John 3:16), surely He cannot stand to allow us to perish from this terrible curse?

The Solution:

Before we fall into despair, our God, full of love and grace, has made a way for us. Whilst His way cost us not